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“Sanooj, a very hardworking and dedicated person. Always comes up with brilliant ideas on process improvements. A keen Learner and works towards achieving his goals. Never shy to ask when help is required and provide help / support when requested. A good citizen. Wish him all the best.”
— Yogesh Patel, Deputy General Manager – IT, eDocuMAN FZ LC, worked directly with Sanooj at eDocuMAN Fz LLC

“I’ve known Sanooj from when both of us were in school and after being out of touch for a long time, Sanooj found his way back to eDocuMAN in Dubai where I had the pleasure of working with him. Despite the many challenges he faced during his high school and college days, Sanooj was quick to take responsibility as the primary bread winner for his family and I believe that is the driving force behind the success in career that he is enjoying today. Creative in everything that he says or does, Sanooj quickly moved from a marketing role to a solutions consultant’s role, adding value to the organization and to the team he worked with. With a good mix of IT and business management background, having run a small web solutions business for a short while, Sanooj quickly grasped the knowledge required to do justice to his role as a Document Management Consultant in eDocuMAN. He is customer-focused and smoothly moves from initiating to closing a sale, all the while ensuring customer satisfaction. He is a survivor and is committed to succeeding in whatever challenges he takes on. Sanooj is also a team player, quick to pin-point strategic challenges in the job-at-hand and contribute with creative solutions to these challenges. Sanooj will certainly be an asset to the organization he works with and I would certainly recommend him to leadership roles where a company would benefit from his commitment and enthusiasm.”
— Mithun Beeru, Director, eDocuMAN FZ LLC, managed Sanooj indirectly at eDocuMAN Fz LLC

“Sanooj is a very talented person and has a keen eye for seeing potential in situations. He is always willing to take initiative and explore opportunities. It was this spirit that I saw in him that prompted me to move him from marketing role to a solution provider role. Since then, he explored the information management domain and quickly moved up in his knowledge, skills and capabilities. I have no hesitation in recommending Sanooj to anyone who is looking for a person with exceptional talent to implement a wide range of office solutions.”
— Vidyasagar P, Director, eDocuMAN Fz LLC, managed Sanooj at eDocuMAN Fz LLC

“Sanooj is one person who can keep the environment lively, his passion and confidence of learning on any new subject and determination to achieve a level of perfection is an administration in itself.”
— Mridul Ganguly, Business Consultant, eDocuMAN Fz LLC, worked directly with Sanooj at eDocuMAN Fz LLC

Sanooj has been an encyclopedia in Information Management Industry. He has always been helpful in the most complex situations pertaining to both Document Management & Backlog. Thanks to his advice & knowledge sharing even the complex of tasks has been simplified. Wishing him all prosperity in moving ahead in the path of Information Management.
— Anish Kurup, Document Solutions Consultant, New Graphic International LLC, worked with Sanooj at eDocuMAN Fz LLC

“Sanooj has always come across to me as an exceptionally dynamic professional. He has a sharp analytical intellect which is quick to grasp concepts and can translate into actions that are most relevant to the existing business context. Any organization that needs a consultancy in enterprise content management, Sanooj- with his rich experience and deep knowledge – you can entirely depend on him!”
— Devanarayanan Gopakumaran Nair, Business Consultant, Graphic International Centre LLC, worked with Sanooj at eDocuMAN Fz LLC



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