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Why I drifted away and then got pulled back to AIIM? February 7, 2012

Posted by Sanooj Kutty in Business Process Management, Capture, Electronic Records Management, Enterprise 2.0, Enterprise Content Management.
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While the credit to my foray into unstructured information management; namely DMS and ERM must go to my erstwhile mentor, Mr. P Vidyasagar, I would credit my knowledge mostly to AIIM. Ever since I stepped into the world of AIIM, my knowledge in the world of ECM, ERM and BPM have only been on the increase.

However, pretty soon, after the initial thirst, I realized AIIM was more technology-oriented. With me being more into Information MANAGEMENT than information management SYSTEMS, I found myself drifting away from AIIM. If it wasn’t for my continued interactions with Bryant, I may have even left AIIM.

Then suddenly, AIIM announces a survey for a new information management certification and before I could say Rip Van Winkle, they launched the Certified Information Professional program. One glance at it and I was at once, both excited and nervous. This is what I wanted to be, yet, this is where I was not. A mirror that left me glad for reflecting my aspirations while honestly letting me know there was some journey to go.

However, the real importance of this renewed AIIM struck me when I came across Cheryl McKinnon’s blog post, “New Challenges for 2012: Putting People First” and I saw this picture:

And my expectations from AIIM were all satisfied in one look. From the early days, I have tried to stay technology and vendor agnostic right through my career. The flip side of this is that I don’t understand codes any more. I don’t pay attention to Application Servers, Content Servers, Web Servers, etc. SDLC or Scrum doesn’t matter to me. But, when you want to plan, search, capture, store, process, dispose information, my antennae go up.

I am your quintessential information manager, I repeat.

I am not your information management technologist, I emphasize.

So, what I want to offer my customers is this in their information management, exactly what they want:

And what does the AIIM CIP cover:

Yes, there are gaps I need to fill and yes; information management is not a one-man show. However, for now I am confident AIIM and its CIP is a path that can take me where I want to go.


1. markjowen - February 7, 2012

Great post.

While reading it, I saw that have similar thoughts/idea. I too found myself getting away from the technology, and looking more at the tasks. That is – not the “how” (which tool will I use), but the “why” (what, exactly is required. What is the objective.)

I also like the way that the CIP certification has a “use by date”. That is – you have to renew it every three years. (I wrote a blog post about this myself – http://markjowen.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/i-think-i-underestimated-what-aiims-certified-information-professional-is/)

You captured the similarities between what your customers want, and what the CIP is offering, really well. That’s a great comparison.

2. Sanooj Kutty - February 7, 2012

Thanks Mark.
A purely random and spontaneous post it was…

markjowen - February 7, 2012

I find those are the best kind. I have a long list of great “blog post ideas”, but when I find a subject that really grabs me, they all get pushed to one side, and I write something that stems from the excitement or passion, that I have at that moment.

These are usually the best blog posts.

3. Annette Milne - February 8, 2012

Well written Sanooj. I agree that there are real gaps between Information Management and Technology (IT). I too joined the profession out of a passion for Records and Information – not as a computer ‘Tech’, and it sometimes pains me to see the way people fail to understand the difference.

Posted about a survey on a very similar subject recently. Results show that some IT people think RM is obsolete. Link to the Survey report in my post “Looking at the attitude of ICT professionals to RM”.

Would be interested to hear your opinion.

Sanooj Kutty - February 8, 2012

I do relate to similar pains and yes, may are ignorant to the factor that technology is merely a tool to help management information better. Its like accounting, if you don’t have your principles of accounting right and establish a mature charter of accounts, no accounting system in the world can help you.

I would love to check out your post and the survey report. Can you please post a link too?

If you are on LinkedIn, do add me as I feel it is important for non-tech Information Managers like you and me to be together to spread more awareness and education.

4. Annette Milne - February 9, 2012

I’ve tried to attach the link for you but don’t have any attach a link button to press. Pasted the link below and if it doesn’t work you might need to copy and pate the text into your browser.


5. Annette Milne - February 9, 2012
Sanooj Kutty - February 9, 2012

Thanks for the link. Interesting survey report. Checked out the discussion too. And yes, Taxonomy and Classification are not easy exercises and requires patience and a good study of the information portfolio of a business. Sadly, such specialists are not so common and people believe a “Full OCR” will now allow them to search for anything. They are perhaps right that you can search for anything, but, finding what you’re looking for is a different proposition…

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