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Customer Experience – The Holy Trinity of Information, Communication and Ambition June 16, 2011

Posted by Sanooj Kutty in Business Process Management, Others, Service Oriented Architecture.
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Recent buzz around Customer Experience, Business Process Management and Business Architecture got me thinking. Can we ever architect our customer experience? Would we know if we change any existing service or introduce a new one, what objectives, media and interfaces will they impact? And I reckoned, why not give it a wild shot?

And what better way than to be inspired by the principles of Business Process Management and Business Architecture to create what I call my Customer Experience Model. A Model driven by the invisible Holy Trinity of any organization’s customer management – Information, Communication and Ambition.

So here we go, check out the below image.

Nothing significant about the model though. A mere simplistic attempt at a sample model of a bank’s credit card services.

As you can see from the Customer Experience Model sample, it is driven by a 4 layer architecture, namely, Business Service, Objective, Media and the Interface.

Business Service

This is nothing but the service or the product that the organization wishes to deliver to the customer. In this case, Credit Card Services. Be careful to separate them if you have multiple service grades, say, a Classic and a Platinum. They must be considered as different services as they will cater to different customer experiences; which is why we’re on this page 😉


The objective may vary from organization to organization depending on the campaign at hand. It may be an awareness campaign to inform the customer. It could also be a sales campaign driven by the sales channel. yet again, it may be a promotion campaign (one of those fine-printed ones that every credit card firm uses to hoodwink the customer and make the same amount of money ;))


Now that we do have a direction for our ambition having identified our services and our objectives, it is time we managed communication and the key to that is medium through which we will communicate to our audience. My image is only a shallow example and realistic models can have the media defined by being specific or being generic. For example, you may mark it as Social Media or as Facebook/Twitter etc. I would actually recommend the Facebook/Twitter approach. And even your Partners and your Sales Force are a form of Media that communicates to your customer.


Having the media alone is not enough. The media must have information to carry and for that you need your carriers of information or as I call it – the Interface to the customer. The Interface does not necessarily need to be customer facing like Training material for the Sales Force. The Interface is that artifact which will carry the information that needs to be delivered to the customer, directly or indirectly.

Now, imagine yourself undergoing a re-branding exercise. The challenge of identifying and structuring everything that needs to be re-branded can be a daunting and demanding task. This model may make life just that much easier. Trust me, you’ll probably learn of your own organization and its process gaps without even having drawn a process flow diagram yet 🙂

For tools to architect this, while I used the Process Landscape template of Aris Express (because I haven’t got Visio), you may use any drawing tool including PowerPoint or even a Mind Mapping tool.

The cost of implementing this Model is also ZERO as I would not be charging for this. However, if you are willing to donate in Good Samaritan spirits for using this Model or would like to call on my part-time services to support you, do email me on sanooj.kutty@gmail.com and we can talk 🙂


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