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Bigger Shirt or Better Diet? March 15, 2011

Posted by Sanooj Kutty in Business Process Management.
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Four years ago, not long after our wedding, my wife bought me this new shirt. I wore it once, received compliments and never wore it again. A few post-wedding parties and dinners meant I could never get into this colorful slim-fit shirt. Today it languishes in my wardrobe waiting the day I can get rid of my paunch and wear it again.

Through the health conscious cooking of my wife, I have prevented myself from bloating beyond recognition.  What is missing is a good exercise regime to get me back into that shirt. Not just for the love of my wife and her cooking, that shirt remains hanging there as a reminder of better physical days. I do aspire to reach there someday.

Over this period, I have continued to purchase new shirts demanded either by wear and tear, fashion or occasion. These shirts have always matched the size I am at the point of purchase (obviously bigger). Every time I purchase a new shirt I remind myself that I need to lose those inches, but still end up buying a new one to maintain myself with a presentable wardrobe.

It’s always a battle between a “bigger shirt” or a “better diet”.

So, how does my wardrobe-waistline story have anything to do with BPM? Well, I believe every organization faces such a conundrum when it comes to its BPM program

Slim-fit Shirt
This is the stage when every business is at its peak. All resources are optimum and profit margins look heading northwards.

The Paunch
An organic growth occurs and before it realizes, the resources have increased and the northward profit margins have now changed directions.

New (bigger) Shirts
Demands of the business environment and ambition mandates further investment and expenses to ensure  expansion and growth. Adaptive? Innovative? Perhaps both.

The Slimming Effort
This is where the BPMS makes its entrance. In an effort to get back to shape, the business begins to start automating its activities, streamlining them where pragmatic and not necessarily optimum. Much like my diet control.

Back to Slim-fit
This is where the BPM struggle lies. My struggle with exercising is similar to a business deploying BPM as a discipline. Just as I need to find that commitment and effort to get on that treadmill and sweat it out,  businesses need to find itself committed and make that effort. It’s not easy, but, it’s not impossible either.

I shall continue to enjoy my wife’s awesome cooking in acceptable quantities but , first, let me try to convince myself to jog away the dust that collects on my treadmill and the fat that accumulates around my waist.


1. Ashish Bhagwat - March 15, 2011

While you relish those tasty dishes, akin to noisy hype around BPM projects, you need personal discipline in your quest for slimness, Sanooj (assuming you are indeed serious about it – or else get the right stakeholder to take charge, in this case your wife!).

It’s a no-go without BPM Governance, just as you can’t get into your shirt without personal discipline to the diet 🙂

Sanooj Kutty - March 15, 2011

Well, my stakeholder (wife) is already in charge.

However, stakeholder buy-in alone is not enough for governance to succeed.

2. Ian Gotts - March 15, 2011

I discovered the ELYFB diet and it seesm to work. Sadly it won’t work for BPM and corporations.

ELYFB= Eat Less You Fat Bastard

Sanooj Kutty - March 15, 2011

My wife has adopted ELYFB for me after reading this comment.

I reckon I owe you one for that. 🙂

3. Ian Gotts - March 15, 2011

BTW I love posts like this with a compelling analogy. Keep it up.

Sanooj Kutty - March 15, 2011

Thanks Ian.

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