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Speed is not an Exception! September 29, 2010

Posted by Sanooj Kutty in Business Process Management.
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It’s funny how most situations in life can be compressed into a single quote or proverb. It’s also true that neither a quote nor a proverb can consolidate every element of that situation. As a business analyst and as a BPM consultant, I have come across almost every business user wanting to compress their functions or processes like a proverb; something short that does it all… and fast!

Quite justified too. Who on earth wouldn’t want to get their job done as fast as possible. Domino’s does it in thirty minutes or its your money back. Internet and Mobile banking means no more queues and instant gratification, well almost. 140 characters can take your message to a gazillion followers in one click. We are in a world where speed no longer thrills, it merely fulfills.

The world of business, though, in reality is no Autobahn. Wishful speed is not acceptable and perhaps this is so to avoid that single moment’s lapse in concentration. And we all know what that can result in – fatal accidents.

This is where regulations and governance comes in. To ensure business moves at a pace in which it can be maneuvered conveniently and calmly enough to change directions. A pace in which information management is controlled to ensure the right information reaches the right location in the right manner. In a difficult economy, this becomes even more necessary.

How does one convince this to a business user? Like a layman driver, controls and convictions are hassles and an annoying bottleneck in their daily journey. Auditors and regulators find themselves in a difficult position like the cops, can’t be everywhere all the time. Every speeding journey is an emergency; every speedy function or process is an exception.

But, Speed can never be an exception. 
This is where the art and science of Prioritization comes into effect.

Prioritization is the way to go; just like you change your driving lanes and overtake other vehicles.  No rules are broken or over-ridden, instead, you merely step on the gas, shift to the other lane and overtake.

To keep your SLA in the green and to control your processes; never compromise on your functions and check points. One may increase the speed of delivery by simply changing priority; but the process behaves exactly as a normal one.

This way you manage your processes, execute your functions properly and still deliver a world-class service.

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