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The SOA KISS… May 24, 2010

Posted by Sanooj Kutty in Service Oriented Architecture.
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Doesn’t this title sound a bit weird?

Well, I was fortunate enough to be invited to review Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs): A Plain English Guide and I must say Don Fornes of Software Advice has easily deployed the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” in this easy to understand write-up on SOA. To be honest, being pulled more towards the business side in my role to bridge the wide Business-IT gap. it has been a welcome refresher and learning curve.

If you are stuck in this new overwhelming world of SOA and not able to define its true place within your IT framework, this article is a good place to free yourself from the complexities of this evolving practice. Don’s attempt to relate SOA fundamentals to simple Business practices on a day-to-day basis is a good guide to adopting SOA as a daily practice.

He also highlights the basic requirement of achieving SOA  – “It takes a disciplined IT department and substantial investment to make SOA work.”  This naturally raises a simple question if SOA can help Small and Medium Enterprises. Most SME operate with a handful of Jack of all Trades to run their IT systems. More special services are usually procured from specific vendors as and when needed. Until such time as SOA develops to reach the SME, we will witness this being a hype implemented only by those with deep pockets. This is also witnessed in the ECM domain where SME focused solutions have helped it gain acceptance and maturity.

However, unlike ECM, SOA cannot be constrained to an application. It is, as explained by Don, a management practice for IT. It’s funny how this also raises another question. How much of the business management capability examples provided by Don can a developer or a system administrator adhere to?

As SOA is more of an IT Management practice, would this mean the IT organizational structure would now have to model itself based on different aspects of SOA just as Business has divided itself into HR, Finance, Sales, etc.?

Don has surely made an honest attempt to describe SOA in plain english. In fact, he has done it quite well. What worries me more is if today’s generation is ready to manage beyond the black and white (1 and 0) that has built IT and into SOA’s grey world of management. A quick glance at the IT educational model today sees very little of management and a heavy load of technology.  If SOA is to succeed, it has to start at the grassroots of IT education and not within corporations. It is more management than technology.

Thank you Don for this plain English guide on SOA.  The SOA-KISS, unfortunately, does not seem juicy enough! Not just yet!


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