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What will you take to your grave? May 18, 2010

Posted by Sanooj Kutty in Electronic Records Management.
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“The only thing a man takes to his grave is his Knowledge. Acquire when alive, distribute before death.” ~ Late K. A. Abu Backer, my grandfather and a high school Math teacher.

If not in his true sense, the fossils and historical tombs like the Pyramids have surely carried with them knowledge. How else would we know that the Egyptians must have used the Pythagoras Theorem to build their Pyramids?

These fossils and Pyramids and other historical remains and relics are nothing but an organic records keeping exercise conducted either by nature or man’s ego.  These have over time given future generations an insight into the past, to learn from it and also recover lost knowledge through them.

Much is being spoken today about Information Governance or ERM or Rose or whatever name you or Shakespeare may want to call it. And yes, organizations have been fined from thousands to millions of dollars due to poor records keeping practices and we still see these happening on a day to day basis.

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