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Between Two Stools You Fall to the Ground! November 9, 2009

Posted by Sanooj Kutty in Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management.
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So, I may have failed at delivering my next post which I planned for. Instead, this post takes over for 2 reasons:

  1. More time and research was needed for the planned one.
  2. This was easier to deliver with minimal effort and impact.

Interestingly, if I were to look at the above two points and ignore the introduction, I could easily apply it to the “strategy to deploy strategic projects. 

Borrowing from the old saying that is the title to this blog, it challenges the contemporary corporate requirements of implementing more than one strategic project at the same time or overlapping each other. BPM or Business Process Management has caught on like a wildfire and organizations have learnt and accepted that the ‘traditional’ business unit oriented approach can result in the wrath that erstwhile USSR or Yugoslavia faced – break up or lack of cohesion.

And so, like the mice, most organizations are now following the BPM piper, except that they still don’t know where this piper is leading them. If managed in the right way, BPM can be your genie that produces magic or the witch that curses your business stability.

Is this because BPM is not a healthy approach? Of course not, BPM sure is the right way to go. As long as, as long as (repeated for enforcing the message) other projects are not managed or executed in isolation from your BPM direction.

Most often than not, we find BPM rolled out as an organizational project while other projects are managed the traditional way of being Business Unit oriented. This means that an end-to-end Personal Loan process being defined through your BPM project could find itself outdated because a Sales project had changed the way customers are managed.

Organizations must clearly choose if they wish to be Business Unit driven or Business Process driven. It only goes to highlight once again that when endorsing a BPM approach, start with a “matrix” view of your organization’s strategic projects and then manage and implement multiple projects. Or else, as the wise old saying goes, “Between Two Stools, You Fall to the Ground!



1. PM Hut - November 9, 2009


I have published an article listing the main components of a successful BPM a while ago. Hope you’ll have the chance to take a look!

2. Sanooj Kutty - November 10, 2009

Hi PM Hut,

Took a look at your blog, Its good and does mention many relevant points. While I felt it focussed on the features of workflow systems, I believe it missed out on the Change Management element. Still, definitely worth a good read.

3. Andrew Smith @onedegree - November 11, 2009

I have to agree with this post. I always feel though that the point of a management hieraccy and in house IT manager should cover this scenario, however, they very rarly actually do…

BPM, when successfully used, should seamlessly integrate functions and LOB applications. When this happens, organisations really benefit from BPM. However, as your post states, organisations have to be aware of what technologies are being used…

Here are some of my thoughts on how key integration is…

great post…

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