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Small steps for you, Giant leap to BPM October 7, 2009

Posted by Sanooj Kutty in Business Process Management.
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Moving your business towards a process-driven model is definitely a vision in the right direction. Deploying a Business Process Management system (including Content Management) is surely the right mission towards that vision. Yet, like corporate strategies, the Vision and the Mission reaching its goal to be the lifeline of your business is no easy task. So, what works to deploy BPM?

Know where you are…

How does your business currently run, what’s good about it, what’s not? How techno savvy are your people? If you don’t know where you start from, how do you know which path to take to your destination? Do it internally, do it honestly!

Decide where you want to be…

Bring your consultants in now. Analyze your processes and understand what you need to avoid, what you need to change. Remember, an alternate flow is different from the exception. The alternate flow is what your process must manage and the exception is what it must try to avoid.

Procure your BPM systems

Knowing where you are and where you want to be puts you in the best position to evaluate various systems that would support your strategy and your processes. Remember, processes are subject to change and maybe quite dynamic. Hence, it is critical to choose systems that are flexible and easy to maneuver.

Manage your Documents first

A BPM brings about a major change, especially, when you automate your processes. The simplest way to ease adoption of this new change is to implement your processes by first automating your document flow. Allow time for the process to become a habit by riding over the document flow.

Bring in the Core System

As you see your business getting a hang of this new system and process and the document flow is managed and practiced consistently, the time is ripe to take the next big step of Integration with your core application. Remember, your core data and documents form the  blood flow of your business.

Integrate the support systems

You have now reached a stage where your business is comfortable running its processes through the BPM managing both your core data and documents. One by one, introduce your supporting systems into the process.

Relish your new BPM roll out

Wish this were true. Alas, by now you would be managing the changes to your process that may have risen. Deploy the same iterative method and you would be in control. Nothing to worry, if your business is long term and dynamic, so would your processes.

Change is a good sign!


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