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8 Perspectives in ECM Projects That Can Make Me See Double August 25, 2009

Posted by Sanooj Kutty in Enterprise Content Management.
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Every time I am deeply immersed in an ECM project, I wind up cross-eyed.  That is because there are so many competing and often inconsistent perspectives that must be incorporated into the project.

These 8 cross-eye creating perspectives are mostly generic and are not specifically in an order of priority as I truly believe they are all equally important in their own way.

Now one could argue that all these perspectives are so closely related to each that they are not really unique. I would argue that these perspectives are like octuplets, similar and connected, and yet each with its own unique character.  So my task is to help you differentiate these octuplets and help you identify them all — e.g., the one with the black mole on the left cheek, the short-tempered one, the quiet one, etc. etc.

1.  Strategy Perspective

2.  Consulting Perspective

3.  Project Perspective

4.  Process Perspective

5.  Cultural Perspective

6.  Business Unit Perspective

7.  Systems Perspective

8.  Global Perspective

You can read the complete post here on AIIM’s Digital Landfill.


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