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The ‘Content’ and The ‘Carrier’ June 27, 2009

Posted by Sanooj Kutty in Enterprise Content Management.
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The story of content management never ceases to amuse me. In the beginning, it always confused me.  Starting back in the mid to late 90s, content to me was educated as the copy written on a website and any means to add, edit and delete it was to me content management. We even had content specialists and content officers. I guess, copywriters, belonged to the non-Internet days of advertising.

This was fine. It was a different name, but had a clear position. Then, in the new millennium I began to hear Document Management. That did not confuse me either. It was either paper or Office suite files that was documents and they had to be managed.

Bang Bang. It shot me down. And then came ECM or Enterprise Content Management. Now, all of sudden, I had to be caught between the alpha-numeric that populated a document and both together or in isolation fell under the definition of Content.

Managing both, though was not exactly the same. And I thought to myself. Fine with the global definition of Content. I’ll though, adopt my own personal definitions to help me manage the information explosion my clients or my company encountered. (P.S. Never used these definitions officially with them)

So, introducing in a written format for the first time, SGIM’s comprehension…


Referring to this simple diagram…

The ‘Content’

Content is all information that is needed to be communicated from A to B. Simple. This could be information that is manually written, could be the information contained on a template (incl. images, tables, etc.), could be text, audio or video. Could be in a database or Word File.

The ‘Carrier’

Carrier are basically the tangible elements including Paper, Digital files like Office files,  Media files, etc. The Carrier is populated with the content to form what we would in a more mature state define as Data Objects, Documents, Records, Web pages, etc.

This simple differentiation has helped me to  manage information by identifying the content and its sources and then identifying the carrier and the flow.

Its worked for me. Lets hope it works for you.

All the best.


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